Tooth Replacement

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    Enhancing your dental health and your smile, while also prioritizing comfort? That’s something to smile about. See below for more information on our tooth replacement options.


    While tooth extractions can be intimidating, our goal is to give our patients the most positive extraction experience possible. Whether it’s decay or overcrowding, our focus when recommending an extraction is to improve your oral health and preserve your smile. Because we prioritize advanced technology, we will assist you with a range of extractions from simple to a more surgical approach, all while keeping you as comfortable as possible without causing trauma to the surrounding gums and teeth. Once your extraction is performed, our staff will ensure you are educated in effective, safe post-extraction recovery.

    Bone Grafting

    There are many reasons to undergo a bone grafting procedure. When bone is lost due to circumstances like a missing tooth, periodontal disease, or even misalignment of the teeth, a bone grafting procedure can stimulate new life and growth into the jawbone and substantially restore your smile. Bone grafting can also be used to support dental implants, giving us a solid foundation to begin with. 

    Each type of bone grafting procedure serves a different purpose, and our dentists will explain which procedure is right for you. 

    We pride ourselves in staying current and educated in all of the latest dental technology available to ensure our patients feel as comfortable and educated about their options as possible. 

    Dental Implants

    Dental implants allow you to rebuild your smile and quality of life, as they are a great way to replace missing or failing teeth. Not only do dental implants improve your smile cosmetically, they are also essential in preventing further bone loss and maintaining the health of your jawbone. By acting as a “replacement root,” the dental implant will help encourage growth of the surrounding bone and prevent unpleasant bone recession. 

    Think of a dental implant as a replacement for your natural tooth. Placed in the jawbone to function as the root, a titanium implant is able to naturally fuse with your existing bone in order to prevent further bone loss and encourage more growth. An abutment and crown designed to look as natural as possible will follow the titanium implant. This creates a solid, comfortable fit that closely mimics the look and functionality of your natural tooth.

    • Common Post-Op Symptoms. Common symptoms post-op includes minor/moderate discomfort, bruising or swelling, different tastes/sparse bone particles from the bone graft, and mild pressure on tissue/teeth and blood in saliva. 
    • Maintenance. At home, you should brush, floss and use mouthwash daily like you do with natural teeth. A Waterpik is suggested, and proper flossing techniques should be used. Routine office cleanings and exams are also required. 
    • No smoking. Smoking causes delayed healing and rejection of implants, which can greatly extend and jeopardize your procedure. This includes e-cigs and vapes.

    Hybrid Dentures

    Hybrid Dentures are a full or partial mouth tooth replacement option that is fully secured by implants. With natural-looking dentures, you are able to improve your ability to smile, speak and eat. When you are missing several teeth on the upper or lower jaw, it can negatively impact your quality of life and daily activities. Hybrid Dentures are the best option to get you feeling like you have your teeth back, and prove to be an effective way to enhance your smile and overall dental health in about 24 hours.

    Our team is able to build a natural-looking denture that can replace an entire set of teeth, all in-house. Your dentures are customized to complement your face and smile and restore previous levels of functionality you had before.

    Why we are the best:

    • We start where we want to end up and work our way back. Our advanced software allows us to create a smile customized to you, then we place implants based off of that plan.
    • Our highly advanced equipment and years of experience allows for precise implant placement based on where we want the teeth to be.
    • We are one of the only offices in the area that completes this procedure start to finish in-house. This includes the implant placement, which allows us to keep our costs for the procedure super competitive as well.
    • We typically place more implants than average to give our patients a more stable, long-lasting restoration.

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