Combining the latest techniques and equipment with high-quality care

High Levels of Care, Lasting Results

The team at New Image Dentistry performs a variety of advanced dentistry procedures using the latest technologies and equipment. We specialize in implant dentistry and cosmetic procedures, using modern dental technology to ensure successful results. Whether you are coming in for your annual exam or periodontal treatment, we will be using the latest tools and equipment to ensure an optimal patient experience.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Digital Smile Design allows doctors to design better smiles with advanced technology, through comprehensive, efficient treatment plans. This technology allows patients to be involved in decisions regarding their smile through state-of-the-art digital content.

3D Printing

3D printing has many benefits, and this advanced technology has replaced many traditional techniques. 3D printing technology is used daily by the New Image Dentistry staff for digital scanning and printing of tooth models, bleach trays, and retainers. The 3D printer can also be paired with a software that allows our doctors to digitally customize teeth and create smile trial veneers. Additionally, this technology can print surgical guides for implant surgeries. This allows for minimally invasive procedures due to the precise placement of the implant.

Nomad X-Ray Machines

This form of x-ray allows for greater portability and ease for clinical staff and patients. This x-ray produces sharp, clear radiographic images that can be used in real-time during appointments.

Galileos 3D X-Rays

Galileos 3D X-Ray is a digital x-ray that allows doctors to evaluate teeth, bone levels, and general anatomy of the head and neck. The 3d X-Ray can be manipulated to show exactly how many canals are in a tooth and where, specifically, they are. It also allows us to customize implant placement, and see full images of the jaw.

SiroLaser Diode Laser

Used in conjunction with many of our procedures, the SiroLaser Diode Laser is a valuable piece of equipment in our practice. Using the laser, we are able to eliminate the bacteria under dental tissue during deep cleanings. We can also use it to help sculpt gum tissue in a way that better compliments tooth shape. The laser is a pain-free addition to most treatments that promotes healing, and provides a clean environment for tissue attachment.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays allow us to capture high-quality images of the teeth and bone without exposing the patient to harmful levels of radiation. We use these computerized images to diagnose various health conditions and store them digitally in your patient files.

Cerec® Same Day Crowns

Dental technology in the field of crowns and restorations has quickly evolved in the last few decades. CEREC® is one of the most effective ways to replace fillings and restore damaged teeth. We make a custom crown right in our office using a 3D software program and milling machine. CEREC® takes a digital impression of your teeth and creates a custom, ceramic restoration in as little as 1 hour. With CEREC®, there are no more uncomfortable, messy dental impressions!

Intraoral Camera

We may use an intraoral camera during your consultation and evaluation to see the state of your gums and teeth with more clarity. This type of dental technology makes it easier for us to detect and diagnose oral health problems, while letting you see the images in real-time.