We’re here to guide you on your journey to a brilliant, healthy smile!

Friendly Care, Focusing on Patient Education

On your first visit to New Image Dentistry, you can expect our caring staff to guide you through the intake process efficiently and pleasantly. We are frequently accepting new patients, and have created a streamlined process that allows you to experience the full range of benefits from our practice.

In addition to a modern, patient-friendly atmosphere, our patients enjoy a full range of dental care options provided by some of the most experienced, knowledgeable doctors in the area.

Our goal is to make your customized dental plan a positive experience that is easy to understand. Your dentist will walk you through any upcoming procedures so that you are fully educated and prepared for a results-driven, comfortable experience.

Customized Plans for Your Individual Needs.

At your first appointment, you’ll get to know your dentist while your dentist gets to know your teeth! After a thorough examination, the two of you will discuss plans for the future of your oral health, and address any concerns or procedures that you may need.

By offering a wide range of dental health procedures, we are able to take care of most general dentistry needs within one of our New Image Dentistry practices. We believe in providing experienced, comprehensive care using cutting-edge techniques and technology in a welcoming environment, and encourage you to call and make an appointment today!

What to bring to your appointment

We encourage our new patients to fill out the following forms and bring them, along with their photo ID, insurance cards, and medication list to their first appointment: