A Better Night’s Sleep 

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    Treat snoring or breathing problems with sleep appliances.

    What is sleep apnea? 

    Everyone deserves a good nights’ sleep, not impacted by snoring and breathing problems. Individuals can experience symptoms such as snoring, fatigue, depression, memory and focus problems, and weight gain. This condition can go largely undiagnosed but is important to address as individuals can be at a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes or having a higher blood pressure.

    How can my dentist help with snoring or breathing problems?

    New Image Dentistry offers custom-designed OPTISLEEP oral appliances that our patients can wear at night to treat mild to moderate snoring and breathing problems as you sleep.

    • Comfortable Fit. Allows you to open and close your mouth normally, allowing for wider jaw movement
    • Accurate Design. Designed digitally, so you can avoid taking impressions
    • Impactful Results. According to OPTISLEEP, 90% of patients reported improvements when wearing the appliance

    To learn more about how our sleep appliances can help you, please contact us and schedule your appointment.

    A better night’s sleep – That’s something to smile about.

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