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    Endodontic procedures in the Omaha Metro & Council Bluffs Area for tooth damage and pain

    Relieve Pain and Heal Your Teeth

    Once thought of as an intimidating procedure, a root canal is actually a relatively pain-free, straightforward option to heal teeth and eliminate tooth pain.

    Anyone who has experienced chronic tooth pain knows how negatively it can affect concentration and general quality of life. When tooth pain is caused by damaged, decaying teeth or a severe infection, it’s likely you’ll need a root canal to feel relief and retain oral health.

    Infections can have many causes, including repeated dental work in one area, deep cavities, and cracked teeth. If left untreated, these infections will present themselves as pain, swelling, and sometimes even abscesses within or around the tooth. Choosing a root canal procedure will allow you to reclaim and heal that tooth, rather than having to lose it.

    What to expect from a Root Canal:

    When you go in schedule a root canal at New Image Dentistry, keep in mind that this endodontic procedure may take several appointments to complete. Our friendly staff will make sure you’re fully educated and prepared for your upcoming appointments.

    During the appointment, your dentist will first take x-rays of your tooth and the area surrounding it, and then use local anesthesia to numb the root canal area. This gives our doctors a clear picture of your tooth and ensures that you are comfortable and relaxed.

    The root canal process itself will be pain free, and take about 90 minutes. Your dentist will remove the damaged nerve through an opening on the biting surface of the tooth, and then clean inside the tooth and root canal. Medicine designed to kill germs may be administered, and then the root canals will be filled with a material that seals and protects them from future infection. A temporary filling will be placed on the tooth until you and your dentist have decided on the most appropriate permanent option. Should the tooth be ready for its final restoration, we will prepare your tooth and make you a Cerec crown.

    After the root canal procedure, you will likely experience some sensitivity, but your doctor will discuss pain relief options with you before you leave. You may be prescribed antibiotics to help heal any present infection, if needed.

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