Tooth Extraction

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    Tooth extractions with minimal pain and discomfort

    The idea of tooth extraction, regardless of your reasons for needing it, can be intimidating. At New Image Dentistry, we understand that, and want to give our patients the most positive extraction experience possible. We prioritize the comfort and confidence of our Omaha Metro and Council Bluffs patients by providing top-quality tooth extraction services, performed by experienced and friendly doctors.

    Reasons for tooth extraction

    There are a variety of reasons to undergo extraction, but the most common ones are decay and overcrowding. Chronic pain, inflammation, infection, and upcoming orthodontic treatment can also cause a need for extraction, and at New Image, we’re prepared for whatever your needs are.

    Whether it’s decay, overcrowding, or even a sudden trauma, our focus is the upkeep of your oral health and the preservation of your smile. Our highly-qualified doctors will perform your extraction with as little discomfort as possible, and ensure that you are educated in effective, safe post-extraction recovery.

    What to expect from tooth extraction at New Image Dentistry

    Our doctors are prepared for all types of extraction services at each of our locations — be it a simple extraction or a procedure that requires a more surgical approach. At New Image Dentistry, advanced technology is one of our top priorities — this allows our doctors to perform pain-free extractions without causing trauma to the surrounding gums and teeth.

    After completing intake paperwork and procedures with our friendly staff, our doctors will start the extraction process by numbing the affected area with local anesthesia. We want each experience at New Image Dentistry to be a pleasant one, and reducing as much discomfort as possible sets the stage for a successful, positive appointment.

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